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Cross Platform File Syncing

Seafile organize files into libraries. Each library can be synced into any desktop computer, including Windows, Mac and Linux. User can also selectively sync any folder. Unsynced files can be accessed via a feature called "cloud file browser". Seafile has a fantastic performance in file syncing. Tens of thousands of small files can be synced in a minute.

Mobile File Access

Access files via Seafile mobile clients.

Both Android and iOS are supported.

Cached files can be used offline without the network environment. Users can also backup photos and contacts via the mobile clients.

Seafile Drive client

Seafile Drive client: a new nice way to work with your files

Seafile Drive client let users to extend the local disk space with the massive storage capacity on the Seafile server by mapping storage space on Seafile server as a virtual drive. User can access all files in Seafile immediately, without syncing them. Files can be used offline too.

File Sharing and Permission Control

Libraries and folders can be shared to users or groups, with read-only or read-write permissions. Finer-grained permissions can be set to sub-folders after a folder is shared. Files can be shared to external users via sharing links. Sharing links can be protected by passwords and support setting an expiration date.

File Versioning and Snapshot

Seafile keeps versions for files and snapshots for folders. Users can restore a file or folder to an old version easily. Snapshot for folders is a handy way to protect files against ransomware. Using de-duplication technology, file versions are kept in an efficient way with reduced storage occupation.

Online editing and co-authoring

Seafile supports online editing and co-authoring for office files (including docx/pptx/xlsx) with integrating with Microsoft Office Online Server or Collabora Online server. Seafile also has a built-in preview for videos, audios, PDFs, images and text files.

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  • File locking
  • Audit Log
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Web-Dav
  • Volltextsuche (Pro Version)

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