What’s New for Users in ownCloud 8.1

Groups Listings on Personal Page

Now you can see which ownCloud groups you belong to on your Personal page in the Web interface.

Desktop Sync Client Shares From File Manager, Selective Sync

The Desktop Sync Client now allows you to share files directly from your file manager, and has a new graphical selective sync file chooser. See the ownCloud Desktop Client Manual for more information.


Users can now assign a favorite icon to files and folders. Look for improvements in this feature in future ownCloud editions to make finding and managing files even easier.

Improved Federated Cloud Sharing

Federated Cloud Sharing, introduced in ownCloud 7 as Server-to-Server sharing, allows you to mount file shares from remote ownCloud servers, and create a “cloud of ownClouds”. In ownCloud 8 the process for creating a new sharing link is easier and more streamlined.

Web Interface Enhancements

The ownCloud Web interface has been improved to make it easier for all users to access, edit, sync and share their files.

Download Broker Improves Performance

When ownCloud delivers universal file access to end users, files from many different document sources are aggregated into a single interface and served to end users. In some cases, passing all of the files aggregated in this interface through a single server, ownCloud, slows down data access. ownCloud now supports direct downloads of files from select storage back-ends, reducing the load on the ownCloud server without sacrificing control over the files that are stored in the various back end systems.